UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


Vice Dean EDI - Robertus de Bruin

Meet our Vice Dean (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) Professor Robertus A.M. de Bruin.

I am a father of four and a Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular and Cell Biology (LMCB). Since I joined University College London (UCL) in 2009 I have been active in efforts to promote Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at different levels. Firstly, as a co-chair of the MRC LMCB EDI committee, secondly as a member and co-chair of the UCL 50:50 committee and also as a member of the Faculty of Life Sciences EDI committee.

The most important thing I learned promoting EDI is that addressing the wide range of issues that contribute to inequality requires a cultural change. Driving a cultural change needs a long-term structured and practical approach, which we have implemented at the LMCB.

The recent renewal of our Athena SWAN Gold award is a recognition of this for promoting gender equality. Importantly, a similar approach can be used to drive cultural change to address any inequality and therefore promote equality, diversity and inclusion. My vision for the Vice-Dean (EDI) Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS) role builds on the same belief: a long-term structured and practical approach is necessary for bringing about cultural and systemic changes.