UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


Equity Lead (LGBTQ+) - Ki Hng

Meet our Equity Lead (LGBTQ+), Ki Hng.

I joined UCL as a super resolution light microscopist in early 2017.  Outside of UCL, I am a voracious volunteer and an aspiring activist.  I currently have positions at the Vagina Museum, and I was on the board of trustees of Switchboard, the LGBT+ helpline.  
As the LGBTQ+ Lead, I bring lived experience of discrimination and marginalisation to the role.  A good understanding of intersectionality is key to improving equality, diversity and inclusion throughout UCL.  Improving EDI isn’t just about statistics and representation, but about ensuring the work environment feels safe and inclusive for people who may not feel comfortable working or studying in UCL otherwise.  LGBTQ+ people face many challenges just existing in this world.  I would like to help ensure that their working/studying environments are safe and inclusive, and I look forward to working with the EDI team to work towards that goal.