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UCL East Library

The UCL East library provides study facilities, a range of services, and access to staff support for students living and studying at the campus.

Library study spaces inside UCL East campus
About UCL East Library

At One Pool Street we are providing a library service in the Learning Hub on the first floor.

At One Pool Street you have access to the full range of professionally managed services that are provided in all UCL libraries.

Services available include:

  • Click & Collect: This is a unique service only available at UCL East where you can order books from any of our libraries and have them delivered to One Pool Street. You can pick them up and return them at the same location. It means that you have access to our vast collections without the need to physically go to each separate location.
  • Stores Service: This service provides you with access to items held in our off-campus store, which you can request to be delivered to One Pool Street.
  • LibrarySkills@UCL: We provide you with helpful guides, training and support to enable you to develop your information literacy skills and make the best use of UCL’s libraries and resources.
  • Subject-specific support: Here you can Identify key library collections for specific subject areas and contact your dedicated librarian or library team about our existing collections, or to request new resources to support your learning or teaching.
  • Onsite Library Team: There is a staffed library help desk to assist with enquiries and access to resources to support learning, teaching and research.

September 2023

From September 2023, UCL East library staff and services will transfer from One Pool Street to a new library in the adjacent Marshgate building. At Marshgate will we be increasing our capacity and provide different types of study spaces, as well as additional facilites and longer opening hours.

Essential information

Opening hours

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Address and contact details

Location/getting here

During 2022/2023 the UCL East Library is located in the Learning Hub on the 1st Floor of One Pool Street.


Study Facilities

At One Pool Street the UCL East Library provides a variety of individual study spaces for staff and students in the Learning Hub on the first floor. 


The Library at One Pool Street is available for use by UCL staff and students only.


The library space is not currently accessible. UCL Library Services offers a range of other facilities for users with disabilities which are listed separately.

Printing, Scanning Photocopying

At One Pool Street we provide two MFDs in the library space in the Learning Hub. See our web page on Photocopying, Printing and Scanning Services for details.