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UCL lockers for students

UCL lockers are provided for all UCL current students to store personal belongings securely - no registration is required.

About the service

The lockers are keyless. To start using a locker just hold your UCL ID card over the reader to the left, and follow the instructions on screen.

Lockers location - Cruciform Hub, Science Library and Student Centre

  • The Cruciform Hub provides access to a bank of 44 lockers.
  • The Science Library provides access to banks of lockers as follows:
    • 46 lockers located in the Research Grid on Level 4 (postgraduate students only)
    • 58 lockers located in the Basement.
  • The Student Centre provides access to banks of lockers as follows:
    • 78 lockers located on Level B2
    • 10 lockers located on the Mezzanine
    • 20 lockers located on Level 2
    • 20 lockers located on Level 4.

Loan duration

The lockers may be loaned at any time when the library is open.

  • Lockers loaned before 08:00 (Monday to Friday) must be emptied by 22:00 the same day
  • Lockers loaned after 08:00 (Monday to Thursday) must be emptied by 10:00 the following day
  • Lockers loaned after 08:00 on Friday (and anytime on Saturday or Sunday) can be held until the following Monday at 10:00.

Lockers location - UCL East

  • UCL East (Marshgate) provides access to banks of lockers as follows:
    • 22 lockers located on the 1st floor.
    • 30 lockers located on the 2nd floor in the UCL East Library.
    • 38 lockers located on the 5th floor.

Loan duration

The lockers at UCL East may be loaned between the following times:

  • Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 21:00
  • Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 - 21:00

Lockers must be emptied by 21:00 each day.

Help using the service

Step by step instructions and a user guide are provided on the touch screen.

You are welcome to ask one of our library staff for help using the lockers.


We hope that you find the UCL lockers a benefit, and we ask users to keep to the loan periods allocations to help share the service. Users who exceed the loan period will be able to retrieve belongings but access will be blocked for the following week and you will see a notice on the touch screen.


Lockers cannot be renewed, however a locker can be loaned again, subject to availability.

Priority use for wheelchair users

Some lockers have been labelled as "Priority use for wheelchair users". Please respect this priority of use.

Terms and conditions

Before borrowing a locker, you will be asked to agree to the UCL Lockers Terms and Conditions.

Contact us

For any queries or feedback about the UCL lockers service, please contact us at library@ucl.ac.uk.