UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Student Support and Wellbeing

UCL is committed to the wellbeing of its students and is prepared to give assistance to ensure your university experience is a supported, fulfilling, healthy and enjoyable one.

You can read more about the student support available on the main UPC website.

If you're living with a long-term health condition or disability, we strongly encourage you to tell us about it as early as possible and ideally before you start your course. That said, if you do not, you are still encouraged to do so at any point within your studies.

Any disclosure related to your health or disability status is confidential and will not affect any application to study here or any other academic review of your work. Instead, it will ensure you benefit from the support options available right from the beginning of your studies. Find out more about disclosing your health or disability status on the UCL Student Support and Wellbeing website.

Telling us about your disability will allow Student Support and Wellbeing to do the following:

  • Understand the barriers you face and offer appropriate help.
  • Offer reasonable adjustments and personalised support.
  • Act as a point of liaison between you and your academic department to inform them about your additional support needs.
  • Monitor UCL's provision of support and inclusion of disabled students and those with long-term health conditions.

If you feel that you might have a disability (including a Specific Learning Difficulty like dyslexia or dyspraxia) but have not received a diagnosis, please contact us so that we can advise you further.

As a UPC student, you will have a personal tutor whom you will meet one-to-one every week for the whole academic year to discuss your studies and any personal issues. You can also discuss any aspect of your wellbeing with your subject tutor or subject coordinator.

The UPC also has a dedicated student health and wellbeing advisor, Peter Colebrook, who you can contact at any time to arrange a chat to discuss the options available to you.

You can access the UCL 24/7 Student Support Line offered by Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW). It's a free and confidential wellbeing support service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In-the-moment support is available via the UCL 24/7 Student Support Line, in 35+ languages.

You will be able to speak to an adviser who can help you through any issues you are facing. This may include feeling anxious, stressed, having money worries, cultural differences, homesickness, addiction, relationship difficulties, bereavement, bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct or anything you feel is impacting your mental health, wellbeing, or time at UCL.

Further information on online and phone support

In the first term, you will also have a student mentor who will be a UPC alumnus and current UCL student with whom you can discuss matters relating to your studies and making the most of being a UCL student.