UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Student Mentors

As well as weekly one-to-one time with your personal tutor, you’ll have a student mentor. This will be a former UPC student who can support you with non-academic issues.

What is the student mentoring scheme?

The student mentoring scheme enables students on the UPC to benefit from the experience of UCL students who have successfully completed it. 

Who’s the scheme for and who are the mentors?

The mentoring scheme is for all students enrolled on the UPC.

The student mentors are former UPC students who are now studying an undergraduate course at UCL. 

What can mentors help with?

Mentors can help you:

  • organise your time
  • manage the practical aspects of life at UCL and in London
  • feel part of the wider UCL community
  • feel more at home.

Mentors cannot help you with your studies, coursework or your university applications. If you need help with these areas, please ask your personal tutor.

How do we allocate mentors?

Your mentor will be a student who studied the same subjects as you on the UPC. You can benefit from their experience of how they managed these subjects and what they gained from them.

You’ll be allocated your mentor automatically, at the beginning of the course.

How often do mentors/mentees meet?

Mentors meet their mentees once a week during Term One of the UPC, usually in a café on campus.

What are the benefits of student mentors?

The student mentors can help you feel confident about your studies and life at a UK university.

They’ll also increase your awareness of UCL student life beyond the UPC.

What’s the difference between tutorials with personal tutors and meetings with mentors?

The weekly one-to-one tutorials with your personal tutor will help you manage your academic life and support your studies.

Your personal tutor will help you with your undergraduate university application and the personal statement you have to write for this. Your personal tutor can also advise on health and wellbeing, and any other aspects of student life.