UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Personal Tutors

Your personal tutor will help you to get the most out of your studies. They’ll provide you with support and guidance throughout your time on the UPC.

Who is your personal tutor?

Your personal tutor is an academic member of staff from the Academic English subject team on the UPC.

You’ll meet with your personal tutor one-to-one every week for the whole academic year. They’ll be the same person throughout your time on the course.

What support do they offer?

Your personal tutor is there to support and guide you with any academic or personal matters that you might experience.


Personal tutors can help you with your academic life and studies. They’ll support and advise you with coursework on the compulsory subjects. They'll help you develop your independent learning and seek further specialist support, if you need it. Your tutor will help you to effectively manage your time and meet assessment deadlines.

Undergraduate university applications

The UPC's education advisor will support you in your university (UCAS) applications. Your personal tutor can also offer you advice and guidance during Term One, such as support with writing your personal statement.

Health and wellbeing

Personal tutors are committed to supporting your health and wellbeing needs. Although they’re not professional counsellors, they can help you with any personal issues you might have. They’ll assist you in finding further specialist support around UCL, or direct you to the UPC's dedicated health & wellbeing tutor, if required.

Your tutor will treat any information you share with them with sensitivity. They won’t share this with others without first seeking your consent, unless there’s a concern for your welfare.

You can also discuss any aspect of your wellbeing with your subject tutor or subject coordinator.