UCL Information Services Division


Drupal features

The Drupal interface is clear and intuitive and we have added helptext and guidance where possible. Back-end tasks like re-ordering pages and restructuring are simple and fast. Workflow, content scheduling, link checking and content review dates help you keep on top of website maintenance.

Content types

We have created several content types to help you create key content pages quickly and easily. So far we have created:

  • pages
  • news
  • events
  • case studies
  • flexible landing pages
  • IRIS profiles
  • programme pages (all levels)

Media management

The media library allows you to search by filename and type, by date uploaded and by editor uploaded. You can see all thumbnails and the fact that Drupal resamples images depending on where they are used means there are only two image sizes (banner and non-banner).

Drupal roadmap

The primary aim for the first phase of Drupal development will be to replace Silva and all the features and functionality available currently.

We will continue to add functionality over the next 12-18 months as Silva sites are moved into Drupal.

You can request new functionality by emailing web-support@ucl.ac.uk with details and expected benefits.

Generally we will implement functionality:

  • It benefits a wide segment of our user base and can be rolled out to all/many areas
  • It doesn’t conflict with our technical strategy or with accessibility and best practice advice
  • As with all work, it will be prioritised according to our web prioritisation policy (find this on our Drupal page)

The Drupal roadmap will always be available on this page and we will communicate regularly with all editors on recently requested functionality and status (via our e-newsletter and blog):

What will load times be like in Drupal?
Sharing between sites will be easier, can you share objects from one page to another such as tables? 
Will infographics be available?
Will password protected areas be possible?
Why are we not able to use staff directory data?
Can we schedule publishing?
Can we crop images, tag them and drag them into the Media Library?
Will the migration deal with images that are not the right size?
Can you embed content from other sites or HTML? 
Does Drupal have an API?