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Mastering Excel

Courses provided by ISD Digital Skills Development aimed at improving your Excel skills.

Excel is an extremely powerful tool that everyone should know how to use and our courses cover many of its diverse range of features. Our Essential Skills programme is ideal for ensuring you have a really solid foundation in the core functions of Excel.  At each workshop, participants complete tasks on a worksheet in a classroom setting with guidance available if they need it. 

Our Tips and Tricks and In a Nutshell sessions offer a quick demonstration of some useful features even experienced users might not be familiar with. Note that Winning with charts is about charts generally, not just in Excel.  We also have courses specifically on creating charts and pivot tables in Excel and the tricky but useful VLookup function.  Finally, if you really want to do some serious data analysis, we have two courses on statistical functions in Excel.  Note that we have a separate theme covering other data analysis tools.

DSD: Software for success: Winning with charts

DSD: Excel Essential Skills - WORKSHOP 1 (Campus-based)

DSD: Excel Essential Skills - WORKSHOP 2 (Campus-based)

DSD: Excel Essential Skills - WORKSHOP 3 (Campus-based)

DSD: Excel tips and tricks

DSD: In a Nutshell: Excel functions we should all know

DSD: Intermediate statistics with Excel

DSD: Advanced statistics with Excel (Campus-based)

DSD: Charting with Excel

DSD: Pivot Tables in Excel - workshop

DSD: VLookup in Excel - workshop

Further guidance

For more information about our course programme, how to book and how to prepare for your course, please visit our Course information page.

Additional resources

LinkedIn Learning has a comprehensive set of courses on Excel for both PC and Mac and covering a number of versions of Excel. A good starting point is to search for Excel Essential Training for a list of courses.