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Data analysis and visualisation

Courses provided by ISD Digital Skills Development in quantitative and qualitative data analysis tools.

Courses are available in data analysis tools R with Rstudio, Stata, Matlab and Nvivo.  Most sessions are delivered via our remote classroom unless indicated (as 'campus based').  The Software for success sessions provide a brief overview of the options available and are a good starting point if you aren't sure what tool you need.  Note that we also have a comprehensive set of Excel courses which are covered under the Mastering Excel theme.

Software for success

DSD: Software for success: Winning with charts

DSD: Software for success: Data analysis & statistical tools

DSD: Software for success: Data visualisation

R with RStudio

DSD: An introduction to R with Rstudio (Campus-based)

DSD: Data manipulation in R with Rstudio 

DSD: Data visualization in R with ggplot2 

DSD: Better Tables in R (Campus-based)


DSD: Creating Infographics using free web-based tools


DSD: Getting started with Stata (Campus-based)

DSD: Scripting Stata Graphs

DSD: Scripting Stata's new Tables and Collections (Campus-based) 


DSD: In a Nutshell: Starting an Nvivo Project


DSD: Introduction to Matlab (Campus-based)

Further guidance

For more information about our course programme, how to book and how to prepare for your course, please visit our Course information page.

Additional resources

LinkedIn Learning has courses on all the tools covered in our courses and in particular has a very wide selection of R courses.