UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Ataxia Centre

Our centre brings together specialists researchers and clinical academics for basic & translational research in all forms of ataxia, and best clinical practice. We are a Centre of Excellence, running cutting edge, evidence based research, with biomedical and translational projects, aiming to feedback research knowledge and findings into adapted therapies and best clinical practice. In particular we work on the genetics of the ataxias, aiming to contribute to future developments in gene therapy. We also focus our research on biomarkers to support future clinical studies on ataxia. We are based at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology in London. We were the first Ataxia Centre to be accredited by the patient support organisation Ataxia UK in the UK, and the only Ataxia Centre of Excellence accredited in the UK by the US based patient organisation National Ataxia Foundation.