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Clinical services and support

We run specialist ataxia clinics for both adults and children with ataxia. The service is led by consultant neurologists and is supported by a multidisciplinary team comprising of a physiotherapist, specialist nurse, an occupational therapist, and a speech and language therapist. This service has been set-up in direct response to needs identified by people affected by ataxia, as well as clinicians with expertise in the condition. There is also a team of medical researchers and a research trial co-ordinator who attend clinics. For more information on our clinical services including referral process to our Ataxia Centre, please visit the page Our Clinical Services below.

Families have access to a more comprehensive support and advice service. After the clinic visit patients have the opportunity to talk to a representative from the ataxia patient support organisation Ataxia UK. The representatives have direct experience of ataxia and will offer emotional and practical support, as well and information on the services Ataxia UK offers.


Meeting of the Volunteers of the Ataxia Centre

Resources and Support information for patients and families

Intervention for the management of the ataxia symptoms

Our Clinical Services