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Journals Collection

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  • The A-Z list below gives details of our printed journal collection. Journals at the Queen Square Library are also listed in Explore (the library catalogue).
  • For hundreds of additional journals, visit the electronic journals.
  • If you cannot obtain the journal you require, please contact the library.

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See also our print journal holding list in


Finding & using journals in the Queen Square Library & UCL

Print journals are for use in the library only. Permission may be given for registered users based in Queen Square to borrow issues on the condition that they are returned within an hour. The printed journal collection is housed in the following locations:

  • Main journal collection: the main printed journal collection is kept in the library on the 1st Floor, 23 Queen Square.
  • Current journal issues:
    [Note: during Covid, our current journal display is suspended, please ask us if you need a particular issue.] The current issue of each journal is displayed near the library information desk. A list of new issues can be found on our journals received this week page.
  • Neurology Store: some older journals are kept in the Neurology store in Queen Square. Please ask library staff to request an item from the Neurology Store. Please contact the library (by phone or email).
  • Journals kept in the UCL Stores can be requested via the Stores Service using the Store Request Form.

Is the journal available online?

  • Please check the ejournals page (please note that some ejournals require you to log in).

Is the journal held outside UCL?

  • Search for journals held by libraries outside UCL via each library's catalogue. A list of key libraries can be found via our other libraries page (including the British Library, Wellcome Library, BMA etc.).
  • To obtain a copy of an article from another library use the Interlibrary Loan / Document Delivery service. This service is available to registered library users based in Queen Square and Wakefield Street (including IoN staff & students, NHNN staff, and UCL staff based in Queen Square). For more information about the service see the Interlibrary Loans page. Please note that a charge is made for this service.

Journals with video tape, CD-ROM or DVD content.

A small number of older journal issues have an accompanying video tape, CD-ROM or DVD, some of which are available to borrow overnight, for registered library users only. Library computers do not have disc drives so you will need to have your own computer with a disc-drive to view the content. The Library does have a video player; please contact us to make an appointment if you need to view a video.

Each video and disc was tested when it was received. However, the lifespan of digital media is limited and software can become obsolete over time, so we cannot guarantee that the media will work. This particularly applies to older items.

What titles are held?

American Journal of NeuroradiologyArchive 1995, 1996, 1997Disc 1
American Journal of NeuroradiologyArchive 1997-99 vol.18-20Disc 2
Anesthesiology2000 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 22
Anesthesiology2001 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 24
Anesthesiology2003 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 62
Anesthesiology2004 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 71
Anesthesiology2005 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 72
Anesthesiology2006 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 73
Anesthesiology2007 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 101
Annals of Neurology30th anniv. commemorative CD-ROM, 2007Disc 96
Cerebrovascular Diseases2002 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 51
Cerebrovascular Diseases2003 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 52
Cerebrovascular Diseases2004 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 68
Cerebrovascular Diseases2006 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 53
Epilepsia2006 Meeting AbstractsDisc 107
Epilepsia2009 Meeting AbstractsDisc 6
Eye newsState of the art refractive & cataract surgery supplement, 2005Disc 35
Headache & CephalagiaArchive to 1995Disc 3
Headache & CephalagiaArchive to 2002Disc 65 & 66
Movement DisordersPediatric supplement, 2003Disc 64
Movement Disordersvol.17(1-6) videos 2002Disc 69
Movement Disordersvol.18(1-12) videos 2003Disc 67
Movement Disordersvol.19(1-6) videos 2004Disc 70
Movement Disordersvol.19(7-12) videos 2004Disc 59
Movement Disordersvol.20(1-6) videos 2005Disc 104
Movement Disordersvol.20(7-12) videos 2005Disc 94
Movement Disordersvol.21(1-6) videos 2006Disc 95
Movement Disordersvol.21(7-12) videos 2006Disc 100
Movement Disordersvol.22(1-8) videos 2007Disc 97
Movement Disordersvol.22(9-16) videos 2007Disc 98
Movement Disordersvol.22(suppl.18) videos 2007Disc 121
Movement Disordersvol.23(1-8) videos 2008Disc 122
Movement Disordersvol.23(9-16) videos 2008Disc 81
Movement Disordersvol.24(1-8) videos 2009Disc 91
NaturePlasmodium genome supplement, 2002Disc 58
NatureHuman genome supplement, 2006Disc 105
Neuroimage2002 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 48
Neuroimage2003 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 47
Neuroimage2004 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 63
Neuroimage2005 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 74
Neuroimage2006 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 60
Neuroimage2007 Annual Meeting AbstractsDisc 106
NeurosurgerySupplement: Thoracolumbar spinal deformity: evaluation and treatmentDisc 9
Neurosurgical Focus10th anniversary CD, 2007Disc 23
Neurosurgical FocusBone fusion supplement, 2001Disc 49
Neurosurgical FocusCervical spine supplement, 2002Disc 50
SleepArchives Volume 22, 1999Disc 21
SpineArchives vol.1(1)-vol.30(24)Disc 15