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Logging in: UCL accounts & NHS OpenAthens accounts

UCL staff and students

UCL staff and students have access to a wide range of online information sources using their UCL credentials. Your login details identify you as a member of UCL and enable you to access materials that the university has purchased, including e-journals, e-books and databases.

  • To make the login process easier, we recommend accessing UCL's e-resources via the Library Services website and preferably via UCL Explore, especially when working off-site.
  • Current staff and students of UCL, and honorary members of staff have a UCL computing account which gives access to e-resources. Please visit the UCL page about how to log in.
  • Troubleshooting - if you do not have a UCL account, first check that you are registered as a member of UCL staff (contact ion.hradmin@ucl.ac.uk) or as a UCL student (contact ion.educationteam@ucl.ac.uk). If your password has expired or stops working, contact UCL ISD. If ISD confirm that you are using the correct password and are still having problems logging in you can complete the online form or contact the library.

NHS staff

NHS staff can access e-resources purchased by the NHS including e-journals and databases by registering for an NHS OpenAthens account. NHS staff can access additional e-resources purchased by UCL (the university) using Explore Access Points (EAPs) based in the library. Please contact us for more details.  

To register for an NHS OpenAthens account:

  • Important: register from a computer connected to the NHS network or use your UCLH/NHS email address.
  • Go to the online registration form and read the eligibility notes, remembering to tick the box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Enter your email address (please use your nhs.net address) and click Continue.
  • Search for your organisation (type in University College London Hospitals to bring up UCLH, select it and click Continue.
  • Enter your personal details and then click Submit.
  • You will receive an email containing a link (please check your spam folders if you do not receive it). You must click the link in the email to complete the registration process.
  • If you move to another NHS organisation, you can Change organisation after logging into your OpenAthens account, remembering to use an NHS computer and/or your NHS email address. 
  • Troubleshooting - you can check the status of your NHS OpenAthens account by logging into your OpenAthens account and you may reset your password online if you are working from a computer within the NHS network. If you would like any help, please contact the library.