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Undergraduate students

At IOE our undergraduate students gain foundations in the practice, policy and research of education, psychology and social science.

Read questions and answers (Q&As) with some of our recent students, organised by course.

Tian Ahn - Education Studies BA student, class of 2023.

Q&A with Tian Ahn (Education Studies BA)

"The part I like the most about my degree is the amount of support we receive from academic staff."

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Jack Krull

Q&A with Jack (Psychology with Education BSc)

"I really value the fact that I have studied education because it has helped to broaden my knowledge of how people learn and of education systems ... all of that has an impact on our psychology."

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Guyanne Sinon

Q&A with Guyanne (Social Sciences BSc)

"Social scientists are needed to understand the drivers of social change and how to bring people together."

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Amina Harrath

Q&A with Amina (Social Sciences with Data Science* BSc)

"I felt that all other degree programmes at other universities didn’t offer the same breadth of flexibility."

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(*previously Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods)

Female student studying with laptop and headphones in the UCL Student Centre

Q&A with Millie (Sociology BSc)

"I was looking forward to engaging with the practicalities of social research."

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Study abroad

Some of our undergraduate students take the opportunity to live and study in another country with UCL Study Abroad and have shared their experiences through blogs.