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Since graduation: catching up with Yasmin Yusuf

24 August 2020

Yasmin is an alumna of the Education Studies BA and has recently completed a Primary PGCE. Now a secondary school teacher, she shares what studying Education as a subject has meant to her.

Yasmin stands facing the camera with a framed child's drawing hanging on the wall behind her

Hi Yasmin!

Tell us, what you have been doing since your graduation?

Since graduating, I have completed my Primary PGCE and I am currently working as a teacher in a South London school. I am also applying for a Masters at UCL in order to continue my professional development as a teacher and learn more about the psychological elements of education. 

Looking back at your time at UCL, what are the things you cherish the most?

Studying Education at UCL has provided ample opportunities to explore education from a holistic perspective, and this has enhanced my knowledge on both the theoretical and practical aspects of education - something which I still reflect upon today as a teacher who believes in evidence-led practice. 

I enjoyed working with such inspiring and supportive academics - they really helped to reach my full potential and inspired my desire to continue delving into research.

Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed having access to academics who are keen specialists in their respective fields - many of whom have produced ground-breaking research that has inspired my interest in educational research.

In your opinion, why should someone study Education?

In my opinion, people should study Education in order to learn more about the intersectional factors which influence educational discourse. This knowledge will help you to play an active role in influencing key discussions within education, both locally and globally. Furthermore, studying Education gives you the opportunity to put theory into practice which can empower you to learn more through research - and even change narratives. 

Education is important to me because it is the foundation and principle of life. It is a core part of building a functioning and civic society and plays an important role in cultivating and shaping the lives of future generations. I truly believe that we all have a key role in shaping the world that we live in today, and one of the key ways in which we can do this, is through education. 

Thankfully, my career has given me this opportunity and I hope to use this in order to inspire young minds and help them to reach their full potential.

Portrait of Yasmin sitting in the UCL Institute of Education Wing study area

Do you have any advice for students starting an Education Studies BA?

I would advise them to be proactive and most importantly - don't be afraid to ask any questions. You are surrounded by experts and supportive academics who will guide you as you progress on the course.

What do you think is distinctive about Education Studies BA at UCL?

I enjoyed having such a diverse range of modules to select from; this rich selection of modules exposed me to a vast range of academic readings - many of which are current and can be used to understand both global and local issues in education today. This has allowed me to understand the relation between the social, political, and economic contexts of education.

In addition, I was impressed to discover that academics have diverse interests and backgrounds – which certainly enriched my educational experience on the course. 

Is there anything else you want to add? Any shout-outs you want to give?

I would like to say a special thank you to all of my lecturers and tutors, it was a pleasure learning from you all.