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Experience, Exchange and Learn – a student’s reflection on a student-staff exchange with the University of Porto

By Arthur Sun, Education Studies BA In September 2022, I took part in the first student-staff exchange between IOE and the Education Science programme at the University of Porto (UPorto) in Portugal. The visit was supported by IOE’s International Office and my department Education, Practice and Society, with the aim of fostering international relationships and […]

‘African Apocalypse’: Unveiling the trail of colonial violence and its enduring legacy

Film screening and debate at University College London, 15th December 2022 By Sabina Barone, Social Science MPhil/PhD ‘This film is about ghosts. Ghosts of the past that even while they slumbered have continued to influence the present’ wrote Rob Lemkin, the director of the docu-drama ‘African Apocalypse’ screened at UCL on December 15th 2022. The […]

Learning about “Community Music”

By Amy Ellis, Music Education MA The Music Education MA offers a varied view of music education, splitting two of its modules ‘The Disciplines of Music Education’, into three strands, one of which is Sociology. Over the course of term one we have covered many varying topics, including multiculturalism and gender, and a lecture about […]

Lessons from a Laidlaw Scholar

Do you want to research topics that you are passionate about? Do you want to be a better leader? Perhaps the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship is for you! by Princess Emeanuwa, Education Studies BA, Laidlaw Scholar 2022-23 It is pretty unusual to have the opportunity to work with researchers and experts in their […]

Bouncing Back: Building Community and Fostering Belonging

By Alex Wong, Social Sciences BSc Starting my university journey in the middle of a global pandemic was not what I had in mind as I touched down (on a mostly empty flight) at Heathrow. I had never felt more out of sync in my life, lugging around my suitcases like a lifeline. The sharp […]

My Work Experience Placement at Green Schools Project

By Sakura Goto, Education Studies BA Have you ever wondered if undergraduates on a three year course can get enough work experience before graduation?  The BA Education Studies has got this covered with a new module, the Education Studies Placement Module. About the Education Studies Placement Module In Year two, BA Education Studies students can […]

My route to IOE

By Kyle Meyers, Education (Science) MA I was brought up in an environment of highly motivated educators in the form of my grandmother and both my parents. My mother has been a co-ordinator of the Pre–Primary section of a prominent school in south-central Mumbai and my deceased father, apart from being a radio-analyst by profession, […]

Mental health at UCL: you are not alone

By Callum Flynn, Psychology with Education BSc Starting University can be a scary feat for anybody – I know it was for me. But my biggest concerns may vary from those of many others. Research conducted by UniHealth found the most common concern for first years is not the money, food or academic performance, which […]

PGCE Music – The Covid Cohort

By Rebecca Appleby It is a steep learning curve for everyone when lessons move so abruptly to the virtual world. It took my year 12s longer than you might think to realise that I, another person on a video call, could see them texting each other, even though you would think they would do me […]

A Room with a View: Learning through Lockdown

Just as businesses are adapting to the remote working environment created by lockdown, so must staff and students at the IOE in order to maintain learning during Covid-19. On a personal level, this has taken me from my room in Camden Town to the left-hand corner of my mother’s attic (there are birds living in […]