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Q&A with Millie

Millie shares her experience of beginning an undergraduate degree programme during 2020.

Millie, tell us what were your first impressions of UCL?

My first impression of UCL was that it was a prestigious university with a good social research background. As a sociology student, this was ideal for me as social research was (and still is) a new concept to me and I was looking forward to engaging with the practicalities of social research, instead of just focusing on theory.

What do you enjoy most about the Sociology BSc?

The opportunity to learn new skills through conducting social research.

From your point of view, what it is like to live and study in London?

I moved into UCL halls in September 2020 and arguably it has mitigated some of the isolating effects the pandemic has had as I am living with other people and socialising with them. I therefore think that avoiding loneliness and isolation through living in halls has prevented my mental health from deteriorating due to the pandemic and thus has allowed me to continue my studies to a standard I’m happy with.

What is the biggest challenge you face while studying?

Adapting to online learning; this was particularly difficult in the first term, and it was easy to lose sight of what I was actually working towards (i.e., a degree). It was challenging not being able to socialise with my course mates as easily, as well as not being able to easily drop into my lecturers’ office hours with a question and get a real-time response. It was also challenging retaining information I learned from readings and online lectures.

And accessing UCL's academic facilities?

For me going to the library didn’t change much in terms of my studies because I could access most resources online and I worked just as well (or even better due to not being dictated by booking slots) at home or in my university accommodation. 

What do you hope to do after your degree?

I hope to join the police force through the police’s graduate scheme. Or I am considering taking up a research-orientated career, but I am still pretty undecided.