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RSDP: Research Governance and Organisation

Understand research policies, research funding, and best practices essential to complete your research.

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1. Copyright
Date:Course Title:
30 April 2024Copyright for research staff
16 May 2024Copyright and your publishing contracts
22 May 2024Copyright for research staff
05 June 2024Copyright and your publishing contracts
2. Pillars of Open Science


Date:Course Title:
2023-24Writing Data Management Plans - self-paced online tutorial
2023-24Nature Masterclass: Managing Research Data to Unlock its Full Potential (self-paced)
14 May 2024Writing data management plans
30 May 2024Writing data management plans

Research Integrity

Date:Course Title:
2023-24Research Integrity at UCL - self-paced
2023-24Transparency and Reproducibility in Research - self-paced
2023-24Nature Masterclass: Research Integrity: Publication Ethics (self-paced)
07 May 2024Research ethics (discussion based)

Next Generation Metrics

Date:Course Title:
2023-24Using and Understanding Bibliometrics - self-paced online tutorial
09 May 2024Using and understanding bibliometrics
15 May 2024Understanding your impact
30 May 2024Introduction to altmetrics

Future of Scholarly Communication 

Date:Course Title:
2023-24Open Science and Scholarship - self-paced online tutorial
21 May 2024Using and creating open materials: An introduction to open licences
12 June 2024Using and creating open materials: An introduction to open licences
4. Research Funding
Date:Course Title:
2023-24Nature Masterclass: Demystifying Grant Budgets (webinar recordi
2023-24Nature Masterclass: Finding Funding Opportunities (self-paced)
2023-24Nature Masterclass: Persuasive Grant Writing (self-paced)
TBCApplying for an Early Career Research Fellowship (in collaboration with UCL Research Facilitators)
5. Research Management
Date:Course Title:
TBCMore offers will be scheduled for the Academic Year 2024-25