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Managing Complex and Multiple Research Projects
Course Description:

This course is specifically designed for research staff working on complex and multiple projects. This 2- an hour online workshop will focus on tools, frameworks, mindsets, and skills required to run multiple and complex projects in a research-intensive environment successfully. This online workshop will help you diagnose the level of complexity and challenges you face in your research projects and appraise the skills required to overcome those challenges.

This workshop will be highly participative and include the chance to learn from peers and share best-practice. 

Natacha Wilson, founder and director of Cambridge Insights, is an experienced course director and development consultant specialising in leadership and innovation in research. Natacha gained multi-sector experience and worked in the creative and innovation sphere before moving to the University of Cambridge. She worked for the Business School and the Centre for Personal and Professional development on a range of leadership courses, skills development initiatives and impact evaluation. Natacha’s research interest focuses on identifying the skills, traits and conditions needed to become a successful leader in research and beyond. She is passionate about supporting researchers on their leadership journey.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/natachawilson/


By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  1. Identify ways to evaluate the level of complexity and the type of challenges you are faced with (diagnostic phase) 
  2. Identify core skills required to manage complex and multiple projects.
  3. Assess the importance of working preferences and habits (yourself and team members) to increase effectiveness and get work done. 
  4. Evaluate the need to increase your communication skills to manage your teams, collaborators, and wider stakeholders (commitment, support, and involvement)
  5. Share your experience with others.

Intended Audience:
Research Staff and Students
Target Audience: UCL Research Staff and PG Research students only

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