UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Launching policy notes on healthy ageing

6 January 2022

New policy notes from UCL IHE, Policy Impact Unit and CelebrAGE set out the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population.

Healthy ageing policy notes

Healthy ageing is a national and international strategic priority, and it is one of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering’s priority research areas.

The IHE has hosted a range of activities in light of this strategic priority, including a Healthy Ageing Symposium in 2019, and launching the Age Innovation Hub in 2020. The activities aim to find and address the gaps in healthy ageing research by building a diverse collaborative community that can co-develop innovative ideas.

In January 2021, we hosted a policy workshop on healthy ageing in conjunction with the STEaPP Policy Impact Unit (PIU) and CelebrAGE.

Dr Ana Rita Pinho, a policy adviser from the Policy Impact Unit (PIU) working with the Institute of Healthcare Engineering, led the organisation of the workshop. A wide range of stakeholders from the university and policy communities were invited to participate, with the goal being the development of research questions with value for both sectors.

Following the event, discussions from the workshop were distilled down to the core messages. These have now been turned into five policy briefings – each focusing on a different area of concern for the ageing population.

You can read the findings below: