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Our volcanological research themes are aimed at building the knowledge base to inform and forewarn communities, governments, businesses, and humanitarian and development agencies about the physical processes operating at volcanoes and the impacts of volcanic eruptions.

The UCLHC undertakes fundamental environmental, applied and strategic research in hazards driven by volcanoes. Such research is needed more than ever before because increasing global population and mounting exposure to these hazards have seen social and economic impacts soar.

Hazard forecasting

Eruption Forecasting

Learn more about how we are advancing efforts to forecast the onset of volcanic eruptions.

Large calderas: Campi Flegrei

Monitoring Volcanoes

Find out how the UCLHC is developing novel ways to monitor volcanoes.

Large calderas - Rabaul

Large Calderas

Much of our research is focussed on understanding the physical processes and hazards asscoiated with large calderas.

Historical Eruptions

Volcanic Emissions

Volcanic emissions pose societal, environmental and climatic hazards. Find out how our research on magmatic systems and plume dynamics is helping to better understand the magnitude and impact of volcanic emissions.

UCL Hazard Centre:

Hazard and Risk: Our operational programmes aimed at enhancing disaster risk reduction, response and relief.

History: A brief history of the centre.

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We are partnered with the UCL Department of Earth Sciences.


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Director: Christopher Kilburn
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