UCL Hazard Centre



We have a mix of research and teaching staff, PhD students, and numerous centre affiliates.

Director: Prof Christopher Kilburn
Email: c.kilburn@ucl.ac.uk



Research and Teaching Staff:Research Area:Contact:
Christopher KilburnVolcanology, Hazard Warning and Mitigationc.kilburn@ucl.ac.uk
Alexander SteeleVolcano Seismology, Eruption Forecasting and Environmental Hazardsalexander.steele@ucl.ac.uk
Emma Nicholson (Liu)Volcanic Emissions and Environmental Hazardsemma.liu@ucl.ac.uk
Liz GauntPhysical and Experimental Volcanology, Eruption Monitoring and Forecastinge.gaunt@ucl.ac.uk
PhD Students   
Christopher GarrisonHistoric Eruption Datingc.garrison@ucl.ac.uk
Robert RobertsonEruption Forecastingr.robertson@ucl.ac.uk
Jonathan MilleVulnerability and Resilience to Hydro-Meteorological Hazardsjonathan.mille.14@ucl.ac.uk
Adam CotterillVolcanic Hazard Assessment and Mitigationadam.cotterill.13@ucl.ac.uk
Stephen EdwardsEnvironmental Hazards, Disaster Risk, Natural Resourcess.edwards@ucl.ac.uk
Lara SmaleCaldera Hydrothermal Systemslara.smale.13@ucl.ac.uk
Danielle CharltonHazards and GISdanielle.charlton.13@ucl.ac.uk
Mark Bulmer  
Glenn JonesEarthquake Seismology and Earthquake Hazardsglennarthurjones@googlemail.com
Adrian ChandlerEarthquake Engineera.chandler@ucl.ac.uk
Melanie DuncanCascading Hazardsmelanie.duncan@ucl.ac.uk
Carina FearnleyScience Communicationc.fearnley@ucl.ac.uk
Grant Heiken g.heiken@ucl.ac.uk 
Bill McGuireProfessor Emeritus; Geophysical and Climate Hazardsw.mcguire@ucl.ac.uk 
Sabina MichnowiczMedical Geology and Volcanic Risks.michnowicz@ucl.ac.uk 
Harvey RoddaFlood Hazards and Assessmenth.rodda@ucl.ac.uk 
David SmartTornado and Storm Researchd.smart@ucl.ac.uk 
Ellen StofanChief Scientist of NASAe.stofan@ucl.ac.uk 
David TappinLandslides and Tsunamisdrta@bgs.ac.uk
John TwiggDisaster Risk Reductionj.twigg@ucl.ac.uk
Richard WallRisk Visualisationrichard.wall.09@ucl.ac.uk 
Judith WooHead of Exposure Managementjwoo@torus.com 
Rosa SobradeloApplied Statisticsr.sobradelo@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Hazard Centre:

Hazard and Risk: Our operational programmes aimed at enhancing disaster risk reduction, response and relief.

History: A brief history of the centre.

Publications: Examples of our research articles, posters, books, field guides, and more...

We are partnered with the UCL Department of Earth Sciences.


Contact us:
Director: Christopher Kilburn
Email: c.kilburn@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3108 6325 (56325)