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Hazard and Risk

Operating a programme to increase engagement between academia, re/insurance business and humanitarian and development agencies to explore how to better link knowledge, expertise and tools residing in these communities to enhance disaster risk reduction, response and relief.

The UCLHC has convened two workshops on this theme, an initiative which follows on from the highly successful conference on Disaster Risk Reduction for Natural Hazards: Putting Research into Practice, which was convened by the UCLHC at UCL in 2009.

Areas of research involving aspects of communication and hazard management are below:

Visualising hazard and risk

Visualising Hazard and Risk

Communication is the key to hazard and risk science


Hazard Mapping

How can we make more effective hazard maps?


Hydrometeorological Hazards

Research on windstorms



The UCLHC has had strong links with the insurance industry

Non Governmental Organisations

Non Governmental Organisations

How our reserach can help NGOs



How to multiple hazards interact?

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