UCL Hazard Centre



Research at the UCL Hazard Centre.

We are involved in research across various fields related to natural and athropogenic hazards, vulnerability and disaster risk reduction. 



Here at the UCLHC, we study and teach about the physical processes operating at volcanoes, as well as the impact of volcanic eruptions.

Hazard and Risk

Hazard and Risk

Many of our staff and research students study how natural and athropogenic hazards affect local communities, and the ways that these impacts can be mitigated.

Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

We also study and teach about the use and management of the world's resources, from water and mineral resources to mining waste.

Large calderas - Rabaul

PhD Research

Check out current PhD research at the UCL Hazard Centre.


UCL Hazard Centre:

Hazard and Risk: Our operational programmes aimed at enhancing disaster risk reduction, response and relief.

History: A brief history of the centre.

Publications: Examples of our research articles, posters, books, field guides, and more...

We are partnered with the UCL Department of Earth Sciences.


Contact us:
Director: Dr Christopher Kilburn
Email: c.kilburn@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3108 6325 (56325)