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Dr Alexander Steele

Earth and environmental sciences, natural resources, natural and environmental hazards, field investigation, knowledge exchange

Teaching Fellow, Volcanology and Natural Hazards


Dr Alexander Steele



Teaching FellowK. Lonsdale Building, 301

Courses Taught:

GEOL0007 The Earth (lecturer)
GEOL0048 Geological and Geotechnical Hazards (lecturer)
GEOL0051 Research Methods (module organiser and lecturer)
GEOL0052 Physical Volcanology and Volcanic Hazard (lecturer)
GEOL0053 Meteorological, Climate and Hydrogeological Hazards (module organiser)
GEOL0056 MSc Independent Research Project (contributor)
MSc Geophysical Hazards Field Trip (contributor)

Research Group(s):

UCL Hazard Centre

Email Address:

Telephone Number:

alexander.steele@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 6326 (56326)

Research Summary

My main research interests are focussed on understanding the formation and evolution of shallow magmatic systems and forecasting volcanic eruptions. In particular, using precursory field data from active volcanoes, I combine physical models of elastic-brittle deformation with numerical and statistical modelling techniques (1) to quantify eruption potential in terms of volcano seismicity and ground deformation, and (2) to investigate the evolution of stress fields around shallow magma bodies and how these determine critical levels of volcano unrest and, in some instances, preferred eruption location.