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Departmental Research Seminar Series

Seminar time: Friday at noon
Location: Kathleen Lonsdale Building Teaching Laboratory 126.
Seminar OrganiserProf Eric Oelkers

For the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown we are switching to e-seminars. 

All members of the department should receive individual invitations via email - any problems please contact the seminar organiser.  All seminars are recorded and available on our website in the Intranet section.  Follow the link to Research Seminars.


Seminars - Term 3 (2020)





14 AprilPeter IrvineUCL, Earth SciencesThe biodiversity impact of solar geoengineering
24 AprilJulienne StroeveUCL, Earth SciencesMicrowave Remote Sensing for MOSAiC
 1 MayPete SpoonerUCL, Earth SciencesA Sea Change: What’s going on with the North Atlantic?
15 MayTim AtkinsonUCL, Earth SciencesUplift in SE England since the Pliocene – Little Heath, a shoreline on the Chiltern Hills
22 MaySiggi GislasonUniversity of IcelandMineral storage of carbon dioxide in basaltic rocks: The CarbFix project
27 MayEmma LiuUCL, Earth SciencesVolcanism along the South Sandwich Volcanic Arc... and how to survive six weeks at sea in a small boat.
 5 JuneFieke Mulders

Auggie Marignier
Post-Graduate Research SeminarPrecipitating and dissolving clays – A talk on the relationship between sepiolite dissolution/precipitation rates and aqueous saturation states.
An introduction to spherical convolutional neural networks.
12 JuneBjorn JamtevitUniversity of OsloEarthquakes, fluids and metamorphic transformation of the lower continental crust.
 3 July

Cecily Nicholl

Sarmin Sultana

Post-Graduate Research Seminar

Crocodile DunTree: resolving the phylogenetic relationships of crocodylomorphs from the Cretaceous and beyond>

Terrestrial water storage variability across southern Bangladesh by Geolysimetry

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