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Volcanic Emissions

Volcanic emissions

ABOVE: Aerial Observations of Volcanic Gas Emissions

Project lead and contact: Dr. Emma Liu (emma.liu@ucl.ac.uk)

Volcanic eruptions release vast quantities of ash, gas, and aerosols into the atmosphere. These emissions pose significant societal, environmental and climatic hazards that operate over a range of timescales from days to decades. Of crucial importance is to understand the magmatic processes and plume dynamics that govern the magnitude and impact of volcanic emissions: from the generation of volcanic ash during explosive eruptions and its transport in the atmosphere, to the geochemical controls on the outgassing of volatiles and trace metals.

The ABOVE (Aerial Observations of Volcanic Gas Emissions) project brings together more than twenty researchers from seven different countries. It will target the Papua New Guinea volcanic arc, as it is home to several highly active volcanoes known from satellite observations to be strong gas emitters, but that are entirely inaccessible for ground-based measurements. Ultimately, the project will help to refine our regional, and global, estimates of volcanic carbon outgassing, and will provide critical insight into volatile recycling through the Papua New Guinea subduction zone.

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Please see our Deep Carbon project webpage for updates and the digital photographic exhibition sponsered by L'Oreal-UNESCO. You can also follow Emma Liu's field expeditions on Twitter @EmmaLiu31.