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Find out more about the amazing career opportunities that the UCL MBA Health programme offers and the range of support on offer including from UCL's Alumni department.

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Careers – Your Personal and Professional Preparation

Getting a UCL MBA Health from UCL Global Business School for Health will set you apart. It will fully immerse you in the field of health and healthcare management surrounded by leaders in health management and business.  We see this programme as part of your journey to not only boost your earning potential, but making a real difference to the global health sector. Your personal and professional journey is at the forefront as we support your career, promotion and network building through the UCL MBA Health programme.

Personal and professional development - on-boarding

Your on-boarding experience involves two stages prior to the programme start date; a set of fully on-line self-paced primer courses and a tailored induction package. 

Depending on your background, you will be asked to complete a range of online primer courses. Some of the proposed courses are:  

  • Fundamentals of accounting, finance and economics
  • Global Health and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Study-skills for MBA success 
  • Time Management 

The primer courses will ensure you are ready for all components of the UCL MBA Health programme.


There will be a two-week induction prior to the start of term focused on personal development, organisational behaviour and team building. It will include a three-day residency off-campus with personal and group development, personality and career assessment testing and career coaching.  

The three-day residential off-campus retreat is designed to help you build a sense of belonging and cohort identity and introduce you to the UCL MBA Health experience. Most importantly, it will give you uninterrupted space to learn more about yourself, your leadership style and teamwork skills as you begin to create your personal MBA journey and experience. We recognise that the students who will come on this programme will have a variety of starting points so as much as we want you to bond as a class, we want to make sure you understand your starting point and what you want to achieve over the next twelve months whilst on this programme. 

During these three days, you will be challenged to set goals and define your career aspirations. You will be placed in high performing teams with the same group of individuals to undertake the Global Health Challenge. 

Our MBA team will be joined by top recruiters and career coaches who will ensure you receive time individually and as a cohort, helping to build your personal brand and value as a next generation leader.
These two weeks will be critical to the transformational journey you will undertake. We will prepare you for the themed blocks, work on cases and how to get the most out of your MBA experience with us.

Career Support throughout your programme

You will receive tailored career support from day one of the UCL MBA Health programme. Through a psychometric leadership profiling process, you will develop your leadership style and follow your individual professional growth plans. You will have access to a personal tutor and one-to-one career coaching to help you navigate your career strategies from consultancy to C-suite roles in health, healthcare management and business. Across the academic year, you will tap into a full programme of events, job boards, resources and career workshops supporting the entire recruitment processes for UCL MBA Health related positions. In addition to customised services, you will have immediate access to the UCL Career Services and Innovation and Enterprise Services to ensure you have all the support to meet your career ambitions.

Access the UCL Careers Service.

Find out more about the Innovation and Enterprise Services.

We are fully committed to supporting you with the confidence, skills and connections you need to achieve your UCL MBA Health career goals. 

UCL Alumni

You will have the opportunity to connect with students, graduates, industry specialists and research experts to build your global health professionals and leaders network. 

You will join a talented, global community of over 300,000 UCL alumni to exchange knowledge, ideas and advice beyond your graduation. You will have access to mentoring, discussion groups and networking opportunities to meet inspirational UCL alumni to help navigate your future career options. 

Through a range of lifelong learning options and regional networks, you will become part of a community that is re-imagining and making a difference in public, private and charitable sectors of health and healthcare.

See where the UCL Alumni Network will take you.