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UCL MBA Health

Elevate your ambitions, ignite your earning potential and harness the power of world class innovators with an MBA that will place you at the cutting edge of health leadership.

A bold purpose

Delivered by the UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) – the world’s first business school dedicated to health – embarking on our UCL MBA Health programme is a unique opportunity to become part of something exceptional – tomorrow’s global healthcare leaders. We believe the future of healthcare relies on pioneering leaders who are driven to challenge, disrupt and reimagine.

That’s why, at the UCL GBSH, our UCL MBA Health programme blends world class academia with practical business skills, giving you all the competencies and attributes of a traditional MBA, with a focus on applying these skills to the globally in-demand sector of healthcare management. As health now accounts for more than 10% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), you’ll propel your employability and earning potential forward, while making a tangible difference to global healthcare. 

UCL MBA Health highlights

Just some of the highlights of the degree include a thought-provoking two-week immersion trip abroad full of outstanding learning opportunities, hands-on projects tackling real world business issues and an energising action learning environment, where blended content delivery will spark your imagination and transform your future career.

You’ll also benefit from the prestige of attending a world top 10 university with globally renowned health credentials, while making the most of our elite custom built facilities at UCL East, where UCL’s heritage, disruptive spirit and ambitions for public good converge. Anchored by the inimitable experience of London – a global city that is a leader in health and business – our UCL MBA Health programme provides unprecedented opportunities to excel.

Your future career

Your career is central to the UCL MBA Health experience at UCL GBSH. This starts with an immersive induction and off-campus residency that is underpinned by career workshops and expertise delivered by specialists in health leadership and innovation. A 12-month opportunity for building relationships and networks with top talent in your field, the programme includes regular dedicated career sessions, as well as invaluable contact with local and international industry leaders.

Throughout your time with us, you’ll build a long-lasting network with a variety of experts, industry specialists and colleagues, who you’ll continue to connect with as you progress on your journey towards world-class healthcare leadership. 

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Make a difference

Health and healthcare is in the global spotlight, and the transformation of healthcare delivery is widely needed. There has never been a better time to gain a qualification that will help you make meaningful and widespread impact. Our UCL MBA Health programme is designed to strengthen the quality of health and healthcare management in public, private and not-for-profit organisations (NGOs) throughout the world by developing the next generation of exceptional leaders. By improving patient outcomes, bringing innovation to healthcare settings and championing universal access to healthcare, our graduates are sought-after assets in the world of healthcare delivery.

Who it’s for:

Our UCL MBA Health programme is for ambitious individuals who are determined to become exceptional leaders in healthcare at a top ten university in the world, within a faculty in the top five for public health. You may be a manager, clinician, business specialist or medical consultant looking to elevate your career in the public or private health sector. You could have some experience in healthcare management or leadership, with ambitions to lead at a higher level. You may also be a professional with a little work experience in any sector, intent on pivoting your career direction via this MBA. A highly competitive international programme, our UCL MBA Health degree is for any individual who thinks they have what it takes to embrace top positions in healthcare management, in order to make a difference to global health outcomes. 

What’s involved: 

  • A two-week induction prior to the beginning of the MBA – including a three-day residency off campus – will help you establish your personal development journey, enabling you to shape your MBA experience while transforming your leadership style and career. 
  • The programme is delivered in four blocks focusing on specific business disciplines, taught by experts in each theme. Every block ends with a ‘wrap up week’ where topics come to life with real world scenarios and case studies presented and discussed by health experts.
  • You’ll work on two projects during the MBA – the Global Health Challenge and the Health Consultant Project. The Global Health Challenge involves a team health project in a low or middle income country, which includes a two-week immersion field experience. This project culminates with a group research paper and presentation. The Health Consultant Project is an individual project working directly with an organisation in the public, private or not-for-profit sector. You’ll work with a career coach to find a good fit for your career ambitions, and agree on a consultancy report you’ll deliver with your partner organisation. 
  • Throughout the programme, you’ll also receive one-to-one and group career coaching, leadership development and networking opportunities.
  • Face-to-face teaching will take place at our custom built facility at UCL East, a unique environment which brings together the best of UCL’s progressive history, positive impact and disruptive spirit. 

As a UCL MBA Health graduate, you’ll come away with:

  • An enhanced understanding of the intersection between health and business.
  • Substantial research and analytical skills that can be specifically applied to health and business leadership.
  • A detailed understanding of health organisations, how they’re managed and the changing external context.
  • Highly developed professional skills, with a focus on change and innovation in healthcare.
  • Well-honed written and verbal communication skills to support information and data management.
  • The capacity to identify business opportunities arising from healthcare research.
  • Important knowledge about the ethical, legal and regulatory issues associated with bringing health innovations to market.
  • A keen awareness of your professional ambitions and skillsets, along with networks of colleagues and health leaders that will last a lifetime.
  • A mindset embracing innovation, nurtured by the experiential learning and real world examples used in teaching at UCL GBSH.
  • An appreciation of teamwork and collaboration for problem solving and delivering equality, diversity and inclusion in healthcare settings.