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Why study the UCL MBA Health?

Our in-person one year health specialist MBA will equip you with the skills and networks to become a future senior leader in the healthcare management space.

Our UCL MBA Health programme provides the foundation to improve the quality of health and healthcare management in public, private and not-for-profit organisations (NGOs) across the world.

Health now accounts for more than 10% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With health and healthcare in the global spotlight due to the COVID-19 pandemic and wider pressures on healthcare systems, there is no better time to obtain a qualification that will help you create impact and meaningful change.

A transformational programme from the world’s first business school dedicated to health, taught from a global top 10 university, our UCL MBA Health programme offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to realise your exceptional ambitions in health leadership. 

The UCL MBA Health is a competitive programme with global relevance. Bringing together world class academia with practical business skills, as a UCL MBA Health candidate, you’ll gain the competencies of a traditional MBA, while homing in on the practical application healthcare management skills. More than that, through this programme, you’ll enhance your employability and earning potential, securing your place as a future changemaking healthcare leader.

The UCL MBA can either be full-time programme ran over 12 months or can part-time over 24 months. From our research, we feel that the part-time option would work particularly well for those coming from the NHS.

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"I can already see how powerful the programme will be in shaping my future career: an exciting curriculum that emphasises realworld application; and the chance to learn alongside students and faculty from all over the world."

Thamina Anjuman - inaugural recipient of the UCL GBSH Roche scholarship - UCL MBA Health Class of 2022.

UCL MBA Health highlights

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"With a significant rise in demand, new medicines and technology developing rapidly and the global challenges of workforce shortages, investing in tomorrow’s healthcare leaders seems more critical now than ever. The UCL Global Business School for Health is well positioned to be impactful for health systems worldwide."

David Probert - Chief Executive of UCLH and UCL GBSH Visiting Professor

As a UCL MBA Health graduate, you’ll come away with:

  • An enhanced understanding of the intersection between health and business.
  • Substantial research and analytical skills that can be specifically applied to health and business leadership.
  • A detailed understanding of health organisations, how they’re managed and the changing external context.
  • Highly developed professional skills, with a focus on change and innovation in healthcare.
  • Well-honed written and verbal communication skills to support information and data management.
  • The capacity to identify business opportunities arising from healthcare research.
  • Important knowledge about the ethical, legal and regulatory issues associated with bringing health innovations to market.
  • A keen awareness of your professional ambitions and skillsets, along with networks of colleagues and health leaders that will last a lifetime.
  • A mindset embracing innovation, nurtured by the experiential learning and real world examples used in teaching at UCL GBSH.
  • An appreciation of teamwork and collaboration for problem solving and delivering equality, diversity and inclusion in healthcare settings.

The UCL MBA Health Class of 2022
Meet the UCL MBA Health class of 2022

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