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Asking my friends about first-year reflections at UCL GBSH

23 June 2023

Dive into our student ambassador's exploration of first-year experiences at UCL GBSH, revealing insights from diverse MSc programmes and expectations for future growth.


I spoke with several friends who are currently enrolled in different master's programs at UCL GBSH to get their reflections on their first year at the school. Overall, Jenifer, Celine, Ilun, Jimmy, and Janice from MSc Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management (BPM) were pleased with their experience, which exceeded their expectations for a program in its inaugural year. They noted that the courses and exams were reasonable and helped them gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry, while the varied assessment methods helped them to integrate and organise their knowledge framework. They also appreciated the weekly guest lectures by industry experts, which exposed them to cutting-edge information and real-world experiences.

The BPM program's small class sizes and case-based teaching method fostered a business school-like atmosphere and improved teamwork and critical thinking skills. The program leader Dr Radi was praised for his approachability and willingness to offer constructive feedback and assistance. The humanistic care demonstrated by the staff and the sense of belonging to a cohesive organisation were also noted as positive aspects. The campus surroundings in the Olympic Park area were highly regarded for their convenience, but the lack of a canteen was mentioned as a downside. While students look forward to more opportunities for inter-programmes cooperation with students from different MSc programmes, social interaction, and more case studies, in general, the current learning style is satisfactory.

Victoria, Heqing, Katharine, and Herman from the Digital Health and Entrepreneurship (DHE) programme shared their satisfaction with the program's depth and breadth and the many opportunities for networking and professional development provided by the school. The teachers' industry experience and the richness of the academic resources provided by UCL were highly valued. Herman mentioned that Mike, the hanging health system course lecturer, has made boring courses very fascinating and practical with his rich industry experience. The current student apartments and classrooms were convenient, and the completion of the new teaching building in September 2023 was eagerly anticipated. The program's location in London was also appreciated for its cultural diversity and exposure to different ideas. The absence of full video recording and playback was noted as a disadvantage, but the availability of pre-recorded lectures for preview and review was seen as helpful.

Alice, Rita, and other students in the Global Healthcare Management programme also expressed satisfaction with the school's extracurricular activities and student benefits, despite its relatively short establishment period. The spacious self-study area and coffee shop in One Pool Street were appreciated, and the program's unique curriculum, which included joint courses with other colleges, was seen as beneficial for improving students' all-around abilities. Students also noted the opportunity to learn from professionals in different fields and companies during class. However, they mentioned that club activities and additional business lectures were still mainly held at the Main campus, which causes some inconvenience and can be fixed with the fast-growing UCL East.

Overall, the students interviewed were satisfied with their study and life experience at UCL GBSH, particularly the staff's attention to students' long-term development, feedback and well-being. While there were some areas for improvement, they believed that the school would continue to provide an excellent learning experience in the future.