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MSc Digital Health and Entrepreneurship

Embrace a limitless career with this Master’s programme where health, digital innovation and the start-up world collide, empowering you to apply an enterprising approach to improve the world of health.

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A bold purpose

We believe applying innovation to healthcare is key to both the future of business and achieving a healthier society. Giving you exposure to the rapidly expanding digital health space, our Digital Health and Entrepreneurship MSc programme immerses you in a world where you can secure your future employability. Together with a solid grounding in the intricacies of digital health and enterprise, the degree brings an opportunity to learn how to take a health innovation idea from concept to market. This is a Master’s degree with impressive takeaway value, whether you will go on to set up a successful health start-up, or bring a vast practical and innovative skillset to future employers. 

Digital Health and Entrepreneurship MSc highlights

Delivered by the UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) – the world’s first business school dedicated to health – our Digital Health and Entrepreneurship MSc programme is an opportunity to create, innovate and become business-minded in the world of health. Just some of the highlights of the degree include an enhanced induction programme enabling you to focus on your career aspirations while forming lifelong bonds with your peers, hands-on projects focused on real world health innovations, and an energising action learning environment, where blended content delivery will develop your skills and transform your future career. You’ll also benefit from the prestige of attending a world top 10 university with globally renowned health credentials, while making the most of our elite custom built facilities at UCL East, where UCL’s heritage, disruptive spirit and ambitions for public good converge. Anchored by the inimitable experience of London – a global city that is a leader in health and business – our Digital Health and Entrepreneurship MSc programme provides unprecedented opportunities to excel. 

Your future career

Your career is central to the Digital Health and Entrepreneurship MSc experience at UCL GBSH. You’ll discuss it with programme leaders and industry experts in the immersive induction, and revisit it during workshops and specialist sessions throughout the degree. As you gain exposure to leading experts throughout the programme, while building rapport with your peers through projects and teamwork, you’ll graduate with an invaluable career network.

Make a difference

The focus of health and healthcare is changing for the better. Moving beyond reactive medicine, healthcare systems are increasingly focusing on prevention, early detection and intervention. This poses a tremendous opportunity for digital health innovations, including lifestyle modification tools and visionary medical technologies. Graduates of this programme can expect to be sought-after assets to future employers, while making a tangible difference to healthcare delivery around the world.

Who it’s for:

Our Digital Health and Entrepreneurship MSc programme is ideal for individuals who envisage a career in health and entrepreneurship. You may be a new or recent graduate in a health, science or business field, or you may have some relevant work experience that you want to build on to take your career to the next level. The degree is especially suited to those who want to run a health technology start-up company, or bring an entrepreneurial mindset to future employers.

What’s involved:

  • A week-long induction prior to the Master’s start date will enable you to reflect on your personal and professional development, ensuring you get the very most out of the course ahead. This is also a fantastic team building opportunity with your peers. 
  • In the first term of the degree you’ll explore what constitutes digital health and enterprise. You’ll look at digital health start-ups, get to grips with digital health research methods and tools, take a closer look at telemedicine and artificial intelligence (AI) and learn about identifying digital opportunities.
  • The second term will cover the financial and regulatory environment, as well as the challenges and opportunities linked with the human dimensions of digital health. You’ll look in closer depth at changing health systems, different approaches to health innovations and assessments, and learn about marketing health and healthcare.
  • A group business project will bring all your learning together, where you’ll develop a health innovation idea and take it from concept to business case. Supported by workshops, academic advisors and industry mentors, the group business project culminates in a business plan and presentation.
  • An individual research project on the topic of your choice will enable you to explore an area of health innovation that is interesting or useful to your career. In particular, you’ll put into practice your new research skills and knowledge of digital health.
  • Your base for the degree is at our custom built facility at UCL East, an outstanding learning environment which brings together the best of UCL’s progressive history, positive impact and disruptive spirit.

As a graduate of the Digital Health and Entrepreneurship MSc, you’ll come away with:

  • A globally relevant understanding of the interconnections between health and business.
  • Invaluable research and analytical skills that can be specifically applied to health entrepreneurship.
  • Written and verbal communication skills suited to fast paced and innovative environments.
  • A core understanding of the ethical, legal and regulatory factors that are required to help health innovations reach the market.
  • An ability to think from an entrepreneurial mindset, identifying business opportunities that stem from healthcare research.
  • The expertise to exploit entrepreneurial opportunities, either independently or within larger organisations that admire innovation.
  • An aptitude for teamwork and collaboration that drives problem solving and makes teams effective at delivering equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • A mindset embracing innovation, nurtured by the experiential learning and real world examples used in teaching at UCL GBSH.
  • Resilience and know-how in self-management, work-life balance and mental health, supported by continuous professional development throughout the programme.

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