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Webinars - Reimagining business and management for a healthier society

Reimagining business and management for a healthier society is our free webinar series bringing together thought leaders from across the emerging health ecosystem.

Interconnections between business and health sectors are not well understood. Nevertheless, companies are increasingly seeing health and healthcare as a place where they can do business while making a difference to society. 

Reimagining Business and Management for a Healthier Society is a webinar series bringing together a diverse group of thought leaders who find themselves driving forward aspects of universal healthcare and wellbeing. Experts in big tech, consultancy, health innovation and finance will come together with academics to explore some of the emerging themes and questions of our time.

Hosted by the UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) – the world’s first business school dedicated to health and healthcare management – this webinar series is part of our work to disrupt and reimagine global healthcare management. 

Programme of events

The Reimagining Healthcare series of events will restart in September 2023. Please check our social media channels for announcements abount upcoming events in the series.