Security Team

UCL Security is available 24 hours a day to assist all members of UCL and the general public with UCL related matters.

The security team provides a safe and secure working environment to all UCL staff, students and visitors.

Security Operations includes

  • Deal with emergencies and criminal investigations
  • Provides 24/7 security response and patrol services
  • Monitor CCTV and alarms in our control room
  • Staff the main gatehouses and receptions of some buildings
  • Offer advice and guidance regarding security matters

Security Systems includes

  • Provide ID / entry cards for students, staff and visitors to UCL. Access can be added to the cards to areas controlled by access control systems.
  • Install and maintain entry card systems.
  • Install and maintain CCTV and alarm systems, and the connection of external alarm systems to the UCL Control Room (fire, equipment failure etc.).
  • Provide keys.
  • Provide advice on security matters involving all types of locks and the use of access control, including arranging the design and installation of master-keyed lock systems.

The Security team 

Head of Facilities and Workplace Services
Lesley May

020 3108 8563 (UCL ext 58563)

Security Manager
Mark West
020 7679 3343 (UCL ext 33343)

Deputy Security Manager
Oliver Curran

020 7679 7788 (UCL ext 37788)

Security Systems Manager
Mike Dawe

020 7679 7735 (UCl ext 37735)

Customer Service & Contract Manager – Security Systems
Hayley Midwinter

020 3108 1006 (UCL ext 51006)

Security Systems Administrative Supervisor
Natalie West


Security Systems Technical Coordinator
Grant Williams

020 7679 7826 (UCL ext 37826)

Control Room Manager
Paul Hayden

020 7679 1583(UCL ext 31583)

Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Advisor
Aysev Ismail

020 7679 1523 (UCl ext 1523)

Administrative Assistant
020 7679 7111 (UCL ext 37111) or 020 7679 2102 (UCL ext 32102)