CCTV Policy

UCL is committed to the safeguarding of personal data and our CCTV policy includes details on how information is stored and used.

UCL currently uses CCTV cameras to view and record individuals on and around its premises.

This policy outlines the use of CCTV and the processing of data recorded by CCTV cameras to ensure that UCL is compliant with data protection law and best practise.

UCL recognises that images of individuals recorded by CCTV cameras in the workplace are personal data and therefore subject to the Data Protection Legislation. UCL is the data controller.

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Last updated: Monday, May 21, 2018

Endorsed by the Security Working Group 21 May 2018
Endorsed by the Information Risk Management Group 18 September 2018
Approved by the Chair of the Information Risk Governance Group) 11 December 2018