Staying Safe at UCL

*ALERT: Increase in criminal activity reported - please be vigilant ensure buildings and property are secure.* Please report all crime to the security desk on the ground floor of Foster Court.

UCL ID cards are required for access to a number of UCL buildings and must be worn by staff and students at all times on UCL premises. 

Report suspicious behaviour

You should report the presence of unauthorised persons on UCL premises or any suspicious behaviour immediately to UCL Security so that it can be investigated and recorded. If appropriate, the matter will be reported to the police. 

Call 020 7679 2108 or 020 7679 3333 (UCL ext 32108 or 33333)

Staying safe on campus 

Bike security

Around 20,000 bikes are reported stolen in London each year. Find out how to keep your bike safe on our bike security pages. 

UCL Bike security


Be aware of tailgating. If you feel that a person is following you in order to access an area where you believe they should not be, challenge them - as long as you feel comfortable and safe to do so.  Alternatively you can contact UCL Security.

Laptops and valuables

Never leave your personal items unattended in public places, including in UCL campus buildings such as libraries and refectories. Laptops, mobile phones, wallets, bags or any other valuable items may attract an opportunist thief. 

Cash machine security

If possible try to use cash machines during the day and put your cash and card away as quickly as possible. Try to use the campus cash machines which are covered by UCL CCTV. When you withdraw cash, check the machine for any suspicious activity and always cover the keyboard so your PIN number is not seen by anyone else. Remember to trust your instincts - if you feel that the machine is not right, walk away.

Met Police ATM security tips

Mobile phone snatching

Criminal often use bikes and mopeds to snatch mobile phones from people, particularly at busy locations such as outside stations, shopping centres or concert venues. Often victims are approached from behind while talking or texting on phones. Criminals on mopeds or bicycles may mount the pavement to grab the phone or snatch it from the road. Sometimes when it’s a moped, a pillion passenger will snatch it.

While most thefts happen between six and ten at night, criminals operate during the day so always look out for what’s going on around you.

Met Police phone safety tips


The threat of terrorism in the UK is real, but with a little knowledge you can increase your safety and help protect yourself against a terrorist attack. Follow the Metropolitan Police advice on how to stay safe when you’re out and about and find out how to report any suspicious behaviour that could be connected to terrorism.

Met Police tips on staying safe from terrorism