SafeZone Essential Information and Frequently Asked Questions

The SafeZone app is the best way to contact UCL Security by the press of a button. It’s free to download and allows you to get help fast if you need it – find out more.

The SafeZone app can be used to contact security in an emergency, if you need any urgent help, first aid assistance or wellbeing support. SafeZone can be used on campus or off campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you raise an alert off campus we will inform emergency services on your behalf and share your location. 

Download SafeZone for Android/Google

Download SafeZone for iOs/Apple

Basic functions of the app

  • If you need emergency assistance there is a button that will share your location on campus with Security so we can send help immediately. Raising an emergency alert will allow Security to share your exact location with the most appropriate emergency services so they can attend off-campus even if you are not sure exactly where you are. 
  • You can raise a non-emergency alert by pressing the Security or First Aid buttons within the app, so Security will call you and establish what help is required. 
  • The Wellbeing Assistance section of the app has details of the 24-hour helpline number, the Employee Assistance Programme and HR contact details. 
  • You can use the Check-In function for lone working with tailored workflows set up to maximise the safety of you and your team. 
  • For vulnerable lone working you can use a Timed Check-In – when that timer goes, if it has not been cancelled Security will call you to make sure you are ok.
  • During Timed Check-In, there is an incapacity alert, so if you drop your phone or fall, Security will be alerted and help will be dispatched immediately (supported by the notes on your profile which may mean contacting a member of staff or someone nearby).
  • Tip Reporting – if you come across something you feel Security need to know about, you can send a tip to ask someone to have a look. You can share a picture, a location and a summary and we will take a look and resolve the issue. You can submit a tip anonymously.

What scenarios can I use the app

  • A student or member of staff is taken ill and needs urgent medical help. 
  • You are alone, you feel you may be being followed or feel unsafe – on or off campus.
  • If you have been a victim of crime or you have witnessed a crime and want to seek help – on or off campus. Use the app to be an Active Bystander.
  • You see someone tailgating into an access-controlled area and you do not feel comfortable challenging them. 
  • You see a bag or package that has been left in an odd location and looks suspicious, or someone is acting in a suspicious way and may need to be challenged. 
  • You have seen a disturbance on campus and feel someone may need help.
  • You have seen vandalism or damaged property at UCL and you want to let someone know this needs to be addressed urgently.

How do I sign up and use the app?

  • Download the app on App Store or GooglePlay – it’s free to download and use. We've linked to both locations at the top of this page.
  • Choose your permissions – you can be automatically checked in to campus or you can check in manually. 
  • Register with your UCL email address and password (via the single sign-on screen, which comes up automatically) which will link you to UCL. 
  • Update your profile notes with as much detail as you can about your office, preferred contacts and any medical conditions - anything that would be helpful for us to know about so we can enhance our response.
  • Give it a try! Press a button, send a tip, just make sure you tell us it’s a test if it’s not real, we’ll be happy to hear from you and give you your location so we know it’s all working for you. 
  • If you leave UCL you can Request Account Delete on the app and all your data will be deleted.

What do all the buttons do?

We've got an "at a glance" user guide (PowerPoint file) to the main page of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I need to do to start using the service?
  1. Download the app.
  2. Enter your UCL email address.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete your registration.

You must complete your registration before you can begin using SafeZone, then you are ready to go!

Will I be tracked by UCL all the time?

No, the SafeZone app only shares your location with UCL Security when you press one of the three alert buttons (Emergency, First Aid, Help), or Check-In.

Even then, your location is only ever shared with UCL Security or in an emergency off campus with the emergency services.

Your right to privacy is always respected and you can cancel any alert or check-in at any time.

How long will it take for an alert to go through?

When your alert is activated, UCL Security will receive the alert within seconds and call you immediately.

If you activate SafeZone accidentally, please answer your phone when Security call you so they know you are safe and do not require assistance. If you do not answer, they may assume you require help and come to your location.

Where does SafeZone work?

SafeZone works on the Bloomsbury and UCL East Campuses as well as all satellite locations in London and study abroad locations around the world. View the regions by tapping ‘Regions’ in the SafeZone app menu.

If you are outside one of the regions and you press a SafeZone button, the app will offer a one-tap call to local emergency services instead.
We are now a part of the SafeZone Alliance which means if you are registered on SafeZone you can use it at other Universities that use SafeZone.

Who will see my Check In?

When you check-in, your location and ID information is shared with UCL Security Control Room. If you need help, you will still need to press an alert button or make a call for help.

Can I test it so I know how it works?

Press the Security or First Aid Button and wait for the timer to pass. UCL’s Security Control room will message you and will ask you what assistance you need. Once you have tried this you can message to say you would like to try the Emergency button and check the location is correct to reassure you everything will work if you need to use the app in an emergency.

How is my privacy protected?

SafeZone does not share a user’s location until they send an alert (emergency, first aid, or help), use the check-in or check-in timer features, or submit a tip-report that includes their location. All information that users provide as a SafeZone user is protected by Privacy Laws.

Read Critical Arc’s privacy provisions for more details.
You can also check out Critical Arc’s video about user privacy.

Is the app replacing the phone numbers to call Security?

The SafeZone app is not intended to replace any of our existing services, such as dialling '222' from a UCL landline or 020 7679 2222 from all other devices, but should complement these.