Lexical wild cards

ICECUP 3.1 supports lexical searches using wild cards.

Wild cards are a way of specifying only part of a word in a query. For example, you can search for all words starting with the letter P by searching for ‘p*’.

As well as indicating missing characters, ICECUP also lets the user define sets or insert predefined sets of characters (e.g. ^v = a vowel).

description examples explanation
* Multiple a* *ing b*ing Any number of characters
? 1 character a??? b?c?u?e Any one character
{ } Set w{0123} t{a-z??} User defined set
^ Escape b^vd be^c^v Predefined set
^? ^' ^{ ^- ^& ^^ Literal ?, {, etc.
Lexical wild cards in ICECUP

ICECUP also lets users search for sets of words or wild card patterns.

Finally, ICECUP is designed to work with a tagged and parsed corpus. This means that users can restrict the lexical item by part of speech or insert the wild card into a Fuzzy Tree Fragment.

See also ICECUP 3.1 extensions to FTFs.


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