ICECUP 3.1 (the ICE Corpus Utility Program) is a state-of-the-art corpus exploration program designed for parsed corpora such as ICE-GB and DCPSE.

ICECUP Features

New: ICECUP IV β for linguistic experiments

Download Now

ICECUP 3.1 is available for download with ICE-GB and DCPSE Sample Corpora.

“The second release of the ICE-GB corpus with accompanying sound files, the first release of the DCPSE corpus and ICECUP Version 3.1 deserve serious examination from those involved in all flavours of corpus linguistics. They offer considerable opportunities for the analysis of recent language change in British English and for the analysis of discourse patterns (linguistic and extra-linguistic) from a syntactical perspective. They demonstrate how the Survey of English Usage continues to make new contributions to the use of corpora in linguistic analysis and theory.” - O’Donnell (2008).


Further reading

The following are sources of further information:

  • A handbook about ICECUP and ICE-GB (Exploring Natural Language, Nelson, Wallis and Aarts, 2002) is available from John Benjamins.
  • Read further pages on this website about Fuzzy Tree Fragments.
  • Download and read the help file.
  • Download and install the sampler packages and experiment with the software and corpus (Windows only: ICE-GB R2 DCPSE).
“The possibilities offered by the Utility Program are impressive, especially with respect to syntactic queries.” - The Year’s Work in English Studies, 2004, 83.1


There are two recommended download packages available from our website.


ICECUP was developed under the auspices of the Corpus Queries project and funded by the ESRC. More information on Fuzzy Tree Fragments is available from our FTF home page. The Next Generation Tools will be based around the ICECUP infrastructure.

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