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This section summarises our history, current staff and funding and how to get in contact with us.

Research Projects

Our major continuing projects include corpus construction projects such as the International Corpus of English (and in particular the British Component, ICE-GB) and the Diachronic Corpus of Present-Day Spoken English (DCPSE). These projects are produce annotated text corpora which can be purchased for educational and research purposes. Small ‘sample’ corpora can also be downloaded from our website.

A second research thread is in the development of research tools and methodologies for working with corpora. Our ICECUP software is a state-of-the-art platform for exploring syntactically parsed corpora, developed under the ‘corpus queries’ project. A recent project is developing a software suite for carrying out full linguistic experiments in parsed corpora. We are also applying our research to the teaching of English Grammar in Schools.

Finally, we also support linguistic research projects in the English language including the Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase and Subordination.

Research Resources

The grammar employed in ICE-GB and DCPSE is summarised in the TOSCA/ICE Grammar pages. Fuzzy Tree Fragments are a model-based query system for parsed corpora described on pages which explain the representation in some detail and how they can be used to manually perform experiments in grammar.

The ICECUP software brings together FTFs and the grammar in order to provide a state-of-the-art exploration tool for exploring parsed corpora.

The Internet Grammar of English (available for purchase as a CD) is an entire website undergraduate-level course in English Grammar.

Software Sales

The following resources may be bought on CD from the Survey of English Usage.

The Diachronic Corpus of Present-Day Spoken English (DCPSE)


The British Component of The International Corpus of English (ICE-GB)

Order ICE-GB Release 2
Order ICE-GB R2 Sound

The Internet Grammar of English on CD


Landmarks in English Grammar - The Eighteenth Century

Order Landmarks in English Grammar CD

Mobile Apps

Applications for mobile devices can be accessed via the relevant App Store.


A diary of forthcoming events and seminars organised by the Survey of English Usage.

Courses for Teachers

Short courses aimed at school teachers.

Survey Archives

This section of the website contains reference material on past projects, past events, annual reports, and an extensive bibliography including a separate listing of MA and PhD theses, some of which may be read at the Survey on request.


Includes information about the English Language and Linguistics Journal edited at UCL and Manchester.


List of non-grammatical terms that are used in this site.

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