Landmarks in English Grammar - The Eighteenth Century

Landmarks in English Grammar: The Eighteenth Century is a collection of five classic eighteenth-century grammars of English. They are bundled on a single CD-ROM together with a copy of Acrobat Reader, the software used to view the texts.

The texts in this collection have been chosen for their importance in the history of English grammar. The collection consists of:  

    Charles Gildon & John Brightland, A Grammar of the English Tongue, 1711   

    Joseph Priestley, Rudiments of English Grammar, 1761  

    Robert Lowth, A Short Introduction to English Grammar, 1762  

    John Ash, Grammatical Institutes, 1763  

    Lindley Murray, English Grammar, 1795  

Each page has been optically scanned from an original edition, usually the first. You can read the scanned pages just as you would read the original printed version, or you can use the contents list, which contains hypertext links to each chapter or section. For more precise searching, a comprehensive index allows you to find   
  • grammatical terms 
  • citations from writers such as Swift, Pope, Addison, and Steele
  • topics of contemporary interest, such as "correctness", "usage", English and Latin compared, and the "simplicity" of English   

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Landmarks in English Grammar is available from the Survey of English Usage.


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486 processor; Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or Windows NT; 8MB of RAM (16MB for Windoes NT); 10 MB of available hard disk space.

Best viewed on high colour (64K) or true colour (16M) displays. Some discolouration of the graphics may occur when viewing on 256 colour displays.


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