ICE-GB Release 2 Sound Recordings
License agreement and order form

ICE-GB audio recordings must be ordered separately. See Ordering the ICE-GB Corpus.

Please note: The audio recordings have been aligned with Release 2 of ICE-GB. If you have a copy of ICE-GB Release 2 you will be able to install the audio so that you can click on the sentences in ICECUP to hear the recordings. See ICECUP 3.1 Sound playback.

License agreement

Please review and accept the license agreement below.

Prices for the ICE-GB Sound Recordings in Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Individual licence
    European Union, including UK (incl. 20% VAT) £298.80
    Outside EU £249.00
Institutional (single copy) licence
    UK (includes 20% VAT) £358.80
    Outside UK (VAT number required in EU) £299.00
Institutional (multiple copy) licence
    UK (includes 20% VAT) £598.80
    Outside UK (VAT number required in EU) £499.00


  • All prices are for digital delivery and support for installation.
  • All prices are for orders from non-profit organisations. For commercial enquiries contact the Survey (
  • We do not offer a reduced price for students for the audio recordings.

Ordering ICE-GB Sound Recordings

Order ICE-GB Sound Recordings on the online store
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Alternative paper-based method - paper order form
Order the ICE-GB Corpus

Please address queries about your order to Sean Wallis (

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