Digitising the Spoken Material in ICE-GB 

The British component of the International Corpus of English contains 300 samples of speech, including dialogues, monologues, scripted material, and unscripted material - a total of over 70 hours of recorded speech. The recordings were made on analogue tapes. They have been computerized and aligned to the orthographic transcriptions. 

The computerized sound files are available on CD-ROM to allow researchers to listen to the recordings while examining the grammatically annotated transcriptions.

Researchers can access particular text units and will be able hear context before and after the desired sound sample.

Free download

The sound recordings for the five spoken texts of the ICE-GB Sample Corpus are available for free download and may be installed in such a way that ICECUP will play the recordings.

Order ICE-GB R2 and R2 Sound

Audio playback is a feature of ICECUP 3.1. The ICE-GB R2 Sound Recordings come on 11 CDs and are aligned with ICE-GB Release 2. If you order both the corpus and the audio, you can use ICECUP to hear speakers in the corpus.

Order ICE-GB R2
Order ICE-GB R2 Sound Recordings

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See the ICECUP 3.1 pages for latest information.

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