Drag & Drop Logic

Drag & Drop and the underlying logic of a query

Drag and Drop logic is not a kind of query, but rather a very quick way of combining the results of searches using logic. Combining queries is absolutely essential if you want to compare say, the way people from different age groups use a particular grammatical construction.

The way it works is that every text browsing window stores the results of a query. The “query” may be simple, like the whole corpus, a random sample from the corpus, or a text. Or it may be complex, like an FTF. Irrespective, each query can be thought of as a distinct atomic element, which may be combined with another using a very simple kind of logic: propositional logic.

Drag and Drop logic has two parts: the drag and drop interface, which allows you to pick up elements from one query and copy or move them into another query (also possible using Copy and Paste commands) and modify the logical relationships between these elements; and the rapid recalculation of results, which shows the impact of each logic change across the entire corpus near-instantaneously.


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