FTF Concordancing

A simple concordance display

This is a concordance view generated by the previous FTF. ICECUP finds 203 distinct matches in 212 text units.

For concordancing to operate with FTFs, we define the concept of an FTF focus node or nodes. These were shown highlighted with a yellow border in the FTF diagram (the direct object and its following object complement). Note also that we may have multiple matches of an FTF in the same text unit.

Traditional key word in context concordancing works with plain text or tagged corpora. ICECUP supports this kind of concordancing, letting you see part of speech information covered by, or in the vicinity of, matching cases.

Moreover, the corpus is parsed. ICECUP can search the grammar at any level. ICECUP 3.1 therefore provides more powerful ways of exploring the grammatical context of sets of matching cases. These grammatical concordancing modes let you view adjacent phrases and clauses, or browse constituents.

ICECUP also allows us to view individual parse trees in the corpus. This view also allows us to see how an FTF matches against the grammar in the corpus.


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