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Student Interruptions

The Dean of Students (Academic) has received a number of requests for student interruptions where the student will (re)commence after September 2012.  There have been a variety of reasons for this, which include:

  1. A place is accepted for September 2011 but then the student seeks to postpone initial enrolment until September 2012 [currently a new UCAS application is not required].
  2. Year 1 is completed outside UCL and the student seeks direct entry to year 2 at UCL [external APL, and currently a UCAS application is required].
  3. Year 1 is completed satisfactorily at UCL and the student seeks to transfer to year 2 of another program at UCL but in a different department or faculty.
  4. As a modification of 3 the change of programme is within a department (for example X with Y becomes straight X).
  5. The student does not progress but resumes the programme after successfully taking resits.
  6. The student interrupts for legitimate health or financial or personal reasons for up to 12 months [currently approved at faculty level].
  7. The student interrupts for legitimate health or financial or personal reasons for longer than 12 months [which should also be decided by the Dean of Students [Academic]].
  8. An academic interruption is requested - for example an MBBS student interrupting for up to 4 years for a masters or PhD after the non-clinical years.

Following consultation with the Vice Provost (Operations) and the Director of Financial Planning and Strategy, it is suggested that:

  • the new fee regime should definitely apply to UK/EU Undergraduate students in category 1;
  • there be no change to the fee regime for UK/EU Undergraduate students in categories 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8;