UCL @ the Crick



Much of the research at the Crick is conducted by Crick Group Leaders and their teams.


Research summaries for all Crick Group Leaders can be found in this document:


The Crick Partnership model relies heavily on collaborations between Crick and University researchers. UCL staff benefit from a variety of opportunities to work at the Crick, to make connections with Crick researchers, to utilise facilities at the Crick and there are also opportunities to host Crick staff in laboratories at UCL. 

Opportunities for UCL staff


The attachments programme brings together researchers from the Crick laboratory and its partners to undertake new interdisciplinary collaborations. 

Joint Group Leaders

Joint Group Leaders are appointed by UCL but spend up to six years based at the Crick before either transfering their lab to the university or applying for a new role elsewhere.

Crick Interest Groups

A new opportunity is being offered to individuals from the partner Universities to join one or more Interest Groups at the Francis Crick Institute as an Associate Member.

Postdoctoral Career Development Fellowships for Clinicians

Crick and Crick–Cancer Research UK postdoctoral career development fellowships for clinicians provide funding for 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time postdoctoral research experience in a Crick research group.