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Networking Fund

The Crick Partnership Networking Fund supports the development of connections between the four partners (Crick, UCL, Imperial College London and King's), with up to £3k available per project. 

The Fund has been introduced by the Crick and its partner universities (UCL, Imperial and King's) to encourage researchers to organise events that will help them to develop new collaborations across disciplinary boundaries, to lead to fruitful research collaborations and advance the mission of Discovery without Boundaries. The September call has now closed to applications. the next round will open in early 2020 and details will be available on this page. 

The Networking Fund (NF) has been introduced to:

  1. Create and promote a range of new networking events for Crick-HEI researchers to build professional networks within the Partnership and beyond their own discipline through joint events. 
  2. Support interdisciplinary researchers to make connections, share and develop ideas and that could support joint research funding applications.
  3. Encourage applications that cross disciplinary boundaries, particularly at the Clinical and Physical Sciences interfaces.
  4. Foster the use, and building, of skills for those directly involved in these funded initiatives (e.g. communication skills, leadership, etc.). 

These projects should primarily benefit the Crick and its Partnership staff, but networking events could include external contacts from other universities, industry, policy or other organisations where appropriate. 

For queries please contact Solene Debaisieux