UCL @ the Crick


UCL @ the Crick


UCL is a founding partner of The Francis Crick Institute, an entirely new institute with a distinctive vision of how medical research should be conducted

Staff Opportunities

UCL staff benefit from a variety of opportunities to work at the Crick. Find out more about Attachments, Interest Groups and current recruitment campaigns



The 2019 call for attachments has now closed and will reopen in January 2020. Full details will be provided on this page                                 


Student Opportunities

Find out about exciting opportunities to engage in real scientific research in a stimulating, interactive and international scientific environment                              

Networking Fund

Supports staff and students from across the Crick Partnership to establish and develop multidisciplinary connections leading to fruitful research collaborations

Events and Symposia

Find out about the tours, events and symposia that are happening at the Crick and the opportunities for you to visit and learn more about what goes on inside